December 28, 2018 Nick T

On EPP Australia Taking The Enneagram “inside” and Down Under

By: Donna Woodrow

Since my return from EPP’s Guide Training Program in March, I have been experiencing high levels of motivation and excitement to transform myself, and to change the world in a positive way. I had never imagined that I would look so forward to going to prison, or that once inside, I’d resist leaving. Parting with the men and women on the inside resulted in a deep cavern of longing in the pit of my stomach, and a large voice in my head was objecting… “but I haven’t finished my transformation yet, and what beautiful souls to do this with, can’t I stay just a little bit longer so we can all continue to grow?”

My time in California has touched my heart and mind forever. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this work is important, and that little old me, has the capacity to facilitate transformation from the inside out. My deepest gratitude to the support network of EPP and the profound change that they have facilitated in me.

I’ve been home for a few months now and as it turns out, the process of changing the world (and myself) comes with a few challenges along the way. The development of the legal structure and entity of EPP Australia has been a deliberate process requiring a healthy ration of patience. We are receiving overwhelming support from many members of the public, and the Enneagram community in Australia. We ask those committed and interested souls to bear with us a little longer as we prepare to share our journey thus far in Australia and prepare to invite others to contribute to this work.

On behalf of we who make up the EPP Australia Board, Kyle, Tamara Pickard, and myself, we are so excited to be a part of the global cavalry for Enneagram Prison Project. Stay posted for some exciting updates soon, direct from down under.

To Contact EPP Australia please send email to Donna@EnneagramPrisonProject.AUS